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      surface analysis


AFM image of a metal film depositedThe surface of materials, thus of the products, is a vulnerable zone subject to the constraints of the environment (corrosion, oxidation, weariness, contamination...).
It is also a determining factor for problems such as contact, adherence, lubrication, friction.


The precise knowledge of this surface by observation and analysis at a microscopic scale forms the necessary stage to ensure the quality of the products, with all the commercial consequences resulting from it.





XPS survey spectraFew labs include all these specialized services and ultramodern and sophisticated equipement, due to their complexity and hight cost.
To supplement its expertise and to propose a full service, akcem offers to its customers a broad panel of analytical means for surface analysis, in partnership with the largest and most experienced specialized laboratories.


In function of the thickness to be analyzed (varying from a few
nanometers to a few micrometers), of the nature of the required
chemical elements (metal, mineral, organic) and/or of their
chemical environment (elementary, molecular), akcem is able
to offer you the solution best adapted to your problem.

Some examples of surface analysis methods:

  • SEM / EDS (Scanning Electrons Microscopy,
  • Energy Dispersive X-rays Spectroscopy)
  • AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy)
  • ESCA (Electrons Spectroscopy for Chemical Analyses)
  • SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy)
  • TOF SIMS (Time of Flight SIMS)
  • IRTF (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)






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