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metallographic bench
To complete its services of analyse, expertise and design, akcem offers a wide range of assistance in the field of metallography : from simple preparation of the metallographic cuts (cutting, polishing) to macro and micrographic examination - with microstructures study, inclusion cleanliness, characterization of materials.


  • Structure of ferrous and nonferrous materials, as well as alloys ;
  • Index of grain size, hardness ;
  • Search for precipitates, inclusions, incrustations ;
  • Coatings thickness measurement ;
  • Corrosion nature and depth ;
  • Welding joints characterization ;
  • Defect of machining and shaping while undercutting, hot dieing, cold forging, crimping, etc...

welding joint
Welding joint
nickel base alloy
Nickel base alloy






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