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materials and surface characterization laboratory


akcem laboratory has been created in 2004 by a team of former analysis laboratory managers, researchers and engineers specialized in materials and surface microanalysis. akcem is dedicated to the analysis and the control of industrial products.



The services provided by akcem are thus intended to help the industrialists in the control of their own and/or of their suppliers production : Products Conformity or Quality control, improvement of the implemented processes, search for defects and damages, identification of constituent elements and/or of impurities, etc…



akcem intervenes in industry branches as diversified as aeronautic, automobile, metallurgy, telecommunication, chemistry, surface treatment, electronic, cosmetic...



akcem offers a wide range of services in microscopy and microanalysis of materials and surfaces, placing at the industrialists reach a very high level scientific equipment and the 25 years experience of its creators.



  • To combine our scientific competence with essential needs of the industrialists.

  • To make available to the companies Scientific Know-how and important means of research at the lowest cost.

  • To associate to scientific results an immediately exploitable industrial reflection.

  • To help companies solve their production problems, to improve the quality of their products and to direct themselves towards new technologies.

  • To propose a quality service with a total reactivity, by privileging the relations of proximity, with respect of the costs, of the deadlines and absolute confidentiality.