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      Scanning Electronic Microscopy and X-Ray Analysis (EDS)
       Scanning Electronic Microscopy and X-Ray Analysis (EDS)


Scanning Electronic Microscopy and X-Ray Analysis (EDS)Particular interest: Possibility of combining the analysis and the observation in the same atomic or microscopic scale.
By implementing this technique, akcem accomplishes observation in high resolution imagery (topographic or chemical contrast) and seeks simultaneously, in a qualitative and quantitative way, the presence of components/contaminants using associated X-Ray analysis.



concentration profile



Complementary to specific or total X-Ray analyses, plot of the line-scan of the compositional variation and/or X-Ray Mapping, of the various chemical elements, allow to highlight the phenomena of diffusion, contamination and migration…


Some examples of application:

  • Particles analysis and determination of steel grade, alloy type, abrasive or corrosive elements, mineral or organics residues (painting, fibres, dust, deposits…), particles aspect (rolled, overheated, oxidized, scaled…) and their probable origin ;
  • Fractography of broken parts and damage analyses (type of rupture, origin,…) ;
  • Corrosion study on metal parts after climatic tests (type of corrosion: intergranular, trans granular, pit corrosion or general corrosion, affected depth…) ;
  • Coating characterization of metals and organic, thickness measurement ;
  • Search of defects or of impurities, of inclusions ;
  • Welding characterization (penetration depth, cracks, zones thermically affected…) ;
  • Printed circuits Boards (PCB) and/or Electronic Assemblies expertise (Soldering, Copper plating, Etchback, Resin Recession, Lifted lands, Plating Crack, Delamination, …).
  • Example of X-Ray analysis report: click here







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